Kings(2) 8:11-12, More Warfare, Elisha Style

Just another quick note on the awesome power of warfare with spiritual weapons. Previously we've discussed the arsenal listed in Ephesians 6. We've mentioned the armament of 'attitude' in 1 Peter 4. We've also considered the supernatural weaponry that God wielded through Elisha. To review, God helped Israel by revealing to Elisha the locations of the Syrian army and Elisha informed the king of Israel so they could better defend themselves. God also empowered Elisha... read more.

Kings(2) 8:7-15, Water Boarding 101

We missed reading the newspaper today, but read II Kings 8:7-15 (WEB) in family devotions. 7) Elisha came to Damascus; and Benhadad the king of Syria was sick. He was told, "The man of God has come here." 8) The king said to Hazael, "Take a present in your hand, and go, meet the man of God, and inquire of Yahweh by him, saying, 'Will I recover from this sickness?' " 9) So Hazael went... read more.

Luke 10:3, Braver Heart

Several years ago I saw the movie Brave Heart staring Mel Gibson cast as William Wallace who leads Scotland in revolution against the tyranny of British rule. The fervor of Wallace-Gibson is heated white hot when the British rape and murder his new bride and so he leads Scotland into bloody battle against the British. If there ever was a just war this would be it, as a husband rises to vengeance against his wife's... read more.

Luke 10:36-37, The Good Iraqi

One self-righteous philosopher said to another self-condemned partier, " We fool ourselves thinking that we love our neighbor." The sel-condemned replied, " I love my neighbor, I do not bother him, but who is my neighbor?" Yet a third in the future replied to the past, A Christian was going from Philadelphia to Baghdad to testify, and he fell among terrorists, who both stripped him and beat him, and departed, leaving him half dead. By... read more.

Luke 13:31-32, Go Tell That Fox

Jesus knows the heart of every man. Read the Christian Scriptures and you will see that absolutely no man gets the leg up on God. Jesus sees us coming from miles away with our evil motives, sin, selfishness, and whatever ugly baggage we may be hiding. You name it and Jesus already knows all about it, whether we are hedonistic pagans, hypocritical Pharisees, or bumbling stumbling disciples. In Luke we see a particularly spicy comment... read more.

Luke 14:26, You Can't Love If You Don't...

The volume control has broken on our car radio. Fortunately the Lord chose a new permanent volume setting that works for both me and the kids. If we max the bass and treble controls we can hear when driving with highway wind whistling past the windows and if we lower the bass and treble the volume is perfect when sitting still. Thank you God! We do enjoy listening to Christian music and one recent hit... read more.

Luke 15:3-7, The Greatest Celebration on Earth

This past February my family had the exciting opportunity to enjoy a family vacation at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This is the fifth time I have been to Florida. My parents took my brother and I when we were 4 and 5 and again when 13 and 14. Later my wife and I celebrated our honeymoon there in 91’ and a pre-children vacation in 93’. I enjoy Florida and this year enjoyed taking my... read more.

Luke 16:15, On Ships and Supermodels

Today, I maintain the ship, I throw some Supermodels overboard, and I keep others. God's people have safely traveled since Christ in the vessel of the church, though she has been sorely attacked. World culture has at times torn gaping holes through the hull that have needed serious repair. When this happens we need to pull out a serious welder and rivets or sink. One seriously riveting verse is Luke 16:15 (WEB), He said to... read more.

Luke 16:19-31, Charles Dickens versus The Gospel of Jesus Christ

I have on my shelf a video of Charles Dickens' famous tale, A Christmas Carol , acted out by the Muppets. You undoubtedly know Ebenezer Scrooge, the nasty old businessman visited by his deceased partner Jacob Marley who returned from the dead to warn him to repent of greed or he will suffer the judgment of death. My family and I have enjoyed the movie, but recently I was reminded that the thesis of the... read more.

Luke 16:19-31, The Beautiful Woman and Laverne

While preparing to teach the book of I Timothy, I noted that the Holy Spirit makes the generalization that greed and aggression are vices common to men, I Timothy 2:8, 3:3, and 3:8. The Holy Spirit also makes the generalization that immodesty and gossip are vices common to women, I Timothy 2:9, 3:11, and 5:13. Jesus already told the non-fictional story of a rich man who burns in Hades because of his greed, Luke 16:19-31.... read more.

Luke 16:8-9, Jesus Commends the Shrewd / Bill Gates for Devotions?

Someone once said, " Don't be so Heavenly minded that you are no earthly good! " Highlighting this quote might seem a bit odd in the midst of a blog that is dedicated to writing reams of Christian truth, which I am sure has bored many to tears. Yet the quote is fascinating, at least prompting this question: is that really possible? That is, is it possible to be so Heavenly minded that you are... read more.

Luke 20:18, Broken or Crushed. Your choice.

Growing up as a youth my mind was filled with imaginations of the great things I would be and the great things I would do in my life. I had numerous cousins, aunts, uncles, family, schoolmates, and friends who demonstrated the achievement of success. I lived to achieve the same. I remember one who worked hard, saved money, and bought himself a beautiful sport car. The car was loaded with a high-powered engine, a four-barrel... read more.

Luke 20:26-38, Marriage, Part 2: The Divine Marriage Amendment

The purpose of Monthly Zingers is to remind myself and my audience of the flavorful teaching of Christ. Think of it as a spiritual spice rack. Recently, I liberally salted and peppered your plate with Romans 3:20-24 & 5:20, The Federal 'Old Covenant Style' Marriage Amendment . Unsure if I served the perfect blend of spice, however, I decided to add several pounds of red hot chili peppers in order to bring the dish back... read more.

Luke 22:26, Major George Buxton Persuades Sergeant Alvin York

"York quietly went through basic training and then in the spring of 1918 spoke to an officer about his continuing objection to war. York’s sincerity was obvious and he was taken to see Major George Edward Buxton, the battalion commander. Buxton and York spent a long night discussing the Bible. Buxton pointed to Jesus’ instruction that the apostles should carry swords (Luke 22:36); to Jesus’ statement that earthly kingdoms, unlike Jesus’ spiritual kingdom, do fight... read more.

Luke 22:38, That is Enough

While challenging myself and another brother to follow Christ the other day I was reminded of curious words from our Lord. While the disciples readied to travel with Jesus to the Olive Garden after the Last Supper the disciples said, "They said, 'Lord, behold, here are two swords.' He said to them, 'That is enough'" (Luke 22:38 WEB). This is just the type of verse we might easily glide right over without much meditation. Yet... read more.

Matthew 15:7-9, Happy Holidays!

Today I hope to prepare our annual Christmas card for mailing. I am thankful for the occasion because it is one day of the year that we are able to wish our family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues a Merry Christmas without too much repercussion for actually vocalizing a Christian theme. No doubt most are aware of the tension during this time of year, should we be brave and greet others ‘Merry Christmas’ or should we... read more.

Matthew 16:15-21, Optimism Out of Control

Praise God, the Lord is making progress in the sanctification of even my sinful unbelieving heart. Last week I was accused of having out of control optimism. This is probably a first for me. In general I tend to be on the side of melancholy and pessimism. After growing up in a family strained by financial hardship, bankruptcy, the death of my brother to an automobile accident, and the death of my mother to cancer... read more.

Matthew 18:1-4 and more, Good to Great or to Grace?

Recently at my employ I was asked to read and report on the latest best seller titled Good to Great , by Jim Collins. The author of the book researched very successful businesses and distilled his findings into a number of axioms that have propelled good organizations to enduring greatness. I enjoyed the book and reported on the axioms that I felt to be most useful. However, in my report I also added that the... read more.

Matthew 18:7, My BODACIOUS Father

Jesus said, "Woe to the world because of occasions of stumbling! For it must be that the occasions come, but woe to that person through whom the occasion comes!" (Matthew 18:7 WEB). When I read the verse above I am initially repulsed, especially when I think about the word "must." The word "must" communicates a definite necessity, an irrevocable purpose, an unchangeable course... toward sin. Every rational fiber in my body and belief in my... read more.

Matthew 22:1-14, The Parable of the Wedding Banquet!

The Bible says scary things, but the believing, those who know the God of grace can stand confidently in his grace. Read Matthew 22:1-14 (WEB) and consider what the believing know and what the unbelieving do not know. 1) Jesus answered and spoke to them again in parables, saying, 2) "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a certain king, who made a marriage feast for his son, 3) and sent out his servants to call... read more.