Luke 16:15, On Ships and Supermodels

Today, I maintain the ship, I throw some Supermodels overboard, and I keep others. God's people have safely traveled since Christ in the vessel of the church, though she has been sorely attacked. World culture has at times torn gaping holes through the hull that have needed serious repair. When this happens we need to pull out a serious welder and rivets or sink.
One seriously riveting verse is Luke 16:15 (WEB),
He said to them, "You are those who justify yourselves in the sight of men, but God knows your hearts. For that which is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God."
It is frightening to think that our sin nature is so deceived that we praise the things that God detests and even detest the things that God praises. Consider a few things that man admires and praises: success, achievement, awards, profitable business, efficiency, getting it right the first time, faster and better, youth, intelligence, wealth, and near the top, physical beauty, typically with no acknowledgement of our need for grace. At the height (or depth) we see the Supermodel industry where mankind has exploited and prostituted the beauty of the female body in the name of wealth and glory. Worse, these ideals are flooding into the lives of Christians, even Supermodel fashion and immodesty. Don't we know that these things are detestable to the Lord?

Consider instead some difficult circumstances that the Lord has been pleased to weave into His sovereign plan.  The funeral of a 16 year old youth brings a divided community together in prayer. A business is smashed to bankruptcy to lead a proud man to cry to the Lord. A man is driven to a psychiatrist to remove his spirit of independence. A woman in the prime of life is inflicted with terminal cancer, now crushed because she will never see grandchildren nor enjoy physical beauty again in this life. Bloated from steroids, hair lost from chemotherapy, no longer able to control her bladder, and ruined from the effects of the cancer she is over-taken by the ugliness of death, going to her grave as something many want to place out of mind as they return to their pursuits. Even during her last days some would neglect that she is a dear person needing comfort. But how does she respond in her final hour? She insists with hand motions, because she can no longer talk, that she be wheel-chaired to her last family gathering to be with her friends and family.....with a smile on her face. Oh, she has put the prima donnas to shame!
She is a Supermodel like few have seen, facing death and lost dreams with a smile on her face, submitted to the purposes of God. What amazing courage!  Praise her in the gates! Praise her I tell you!! She has faced the final foe of death that we have yet to fight and she did it with grace. She is a true Supermodel with beauty on the inside who has modeled an example of Blue Ribbon courage.  Who is she?
Elta, my mother, now in the arms of Jesus.
Brothers and sisters, prepare the ship for the battles ahead!