Aionian Bible

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This interesting project offers two hundred fourteen Bible translations in ninety-nine world languages.  The Aionian Bible is uniquely called "The World's First Bible Untranslation."  Read the preface to learn more about their mission and reason for a new Bible effort.  All the versions of the Aionian Bible are public domain or Creative Commons licensed and so can be freely copied.  The Aionian Bible also helps the average Bible reader to reconsider the meaning of a number of underlying Greek words such as aiōnios and Hadēs.  The original translations are left undisturbed with an inline note appended to alert the reader when these key words are used. For example, the word aiōnios is typically translated as eternal, yet Greek linguistics suggests that the word instead means age, entire or even consummate.  Thus the aiōnios life promised in John 3:16 is not a simple ticket to eternal life in the future, but instead the invitation through faith in Christ to a complete and restored life beginning now, the consummate life!  Likewise, Hadēs is typically translated as Hell, yet Revelation 20:13-14 makes it clear that Hadēs is a temporary place of punishment and finally thrown into the Lake of Fire empty of all inhabitants.  So perhaps our understanding of the life and after-life destinies of redeemed mankind and fallen angels is incomplete.  Check out the Holy Bible Aionian Edition for a better understanding of these important underlying words in context.