Corinthians(2) 5:13, Insane Faith

When I share my faith and doctrine in the neighborhood, at the workplace, and with friends and family many feel that I am a strange bird, even Christians.  However, my goal is simply to reverberate Presbyterian Calvin's doctrine of man's sinfulness, Catholic Augustine's doctrine of predestination, Methodist Wesley's doctrine of Christ's atonement, Anglican Tyndale's doctrine of irresistible grace, and Anabaptist Simon's doctrine of perseverance.  So on these points if I am strange then I am strange along with great men in the church.
None-the-less it is quite unsatisfying to be considered strange without reason.  Therefore, I wish to offer you my interpretation of 2 Corinthians 5:13 and prove beyond all doubt that Christians should have insane faith in an insanely good God.  "For if we are beside ourselves, it is for God. Or if we are of sober mind, it is for you" (2 Corinthians 5:13 WEB).  Here Paul reminds us that rock solid faith in THE GOD WHO IS will cause us to appear beside ourselves, that is out of our minds, to the unbelieving and the ignorant.
For example, I believe that Elijah and Enoch did not die, but were transported directly to Christ in heaven.  I believe that Jesus literally raised Lazarus and many others to life from stone cold death.  I believe that though the body dies that all people that ever lived are still alive today in Paradise or Hades.  I believe that Jesus turned water into wine with no smoke and no mirrors.  I believe that though a man may hate and defy God in ignorance, that the grace of God will win this wretch to pure wholehearted devotion.  I believe that though my current life is difficult because of the effects of my sin, the sin of others, and Satan's sin, that at my death or the beginning of eternity I will be made forever perfect, along with all God's chosen ones.  I believe that God knows all and sees all and that nothing can be hidden from him, including our thoughts.  I believe that we are surrounded by myriads of righteous angels, usually invisible to us.  I believe we are also plagued by demons, angels fallen into rebellion against Christ.
How will YOUR neighbors react when you teach them these things?  It is not surprising that communist China has dealt with some Christians by confining them to asylums.  What can we learn from this?  How long before proud democratic USA follows China?  To muse about what Jesus Christ has done and may do is nothing short of ecstasy for believers, but painful pills for unbelievers no matter what nationality.  Yet, because of unbelievers and the ignorant we need to spend time in our right mind for the sake of the gospel and their salvation.  That is to say, it is a blast to remember what God has done and imagine what he may do.  However, before blowing people away with all the amazing abilities of our God, it is of first importance to point the world to his amazing cross of sacrifice and set good practical examples of loving others.
How about beginning by washing the dishes and taking out the trash?