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The Bible verses I was taught at church and the testimony of my parents and others introduced me to Jesus.  Several times during my youth I prayed to be saved from hell, but remained unsure if I was truly saved.  Later as I prepared to enter college I concluded that my sin during high school surely would result in my damnation.  I lost all hope before remembering the good news that Christ died for sinners.  Happily I planned to start a new relationship with Christ based on his promise of forgiveness to me, rather than my efforts to be good enough.  The Lord then immediately directed me into grace centered discipleship at college and afterward.  As I dug deeper into the Word of God, with the help of godly men, I learned that my sin problem is much greater than I imagined.  My continuing sin, even as a Christian, has shown me what sin really is, hatred of God.  What began as a prayer to be saved from Hell has grown to a prayer to be saved from sin.  Thankfully God has also shown me that he has oceans and oceans of grace and mercy toward sinners.  Jesus is a super savior who has saved me from condemnation, and who I now know has paid for all your sin too!

This Christian teaching is validated by my confession that Christ's death applied to us while we were still his enemies, and thus I have become his friend. "For if, while we were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we will be saved by his life," (Romans 5:10, WEB). No permission is needed to reprint this content for free distribution.  Scripture quotes are primarily from the copyright free World English Bible at http://ebible.org/web and http://ebible.org/study.

God's richest blessing to you!