Top Tens

Good Books

The Imitation of Christ Thomas A Kempis, Dover Publications Also available here for free... - audio Knowing God J.I. Packer, InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, Illinois. The Pilgrim's Progress John Bunyan, Whitaker House, Springdale, Pennsylvania. Heresies - The Image Of Christ In The Mirror Of Heresy And Orthodoxy From The Apostles To The Present Harold Brown, Doubleday and Company. The Bondage of the Will Martin Luther, Fleming H. Revell, Grand Rapids, Michigan Disciples... read more.

Good Movies

Jesus A faithful video account of the life of Jesus Christ based on the New Testament Scriptures. Produced by Genesis Project. . Beyond the Next Mountain The true story of God's calling of the youth Rochunga Pudaite to faith and Christian service and how he completed an amazing mission to serve his family, the Hmar people of India, through his youth to adulthood. An excellent film to inspire your children and yourself to abandon... read more.

Good Websites - Awesome news! - A very cool Bible translation! - Online Bible - English Bible translation free from copyright - Great Christian music - Great Christian music on live radio - More great Christian internet radio - Good Clean Funnies List - Christian videos - Free downloadable Bible software - Christian answers to questions - Biblical defense of Creation - Creation Science... read more.