Good Movies

A faithful video account of the life of Jesus Christ based on the New Testament Scriptures.  Produced by Genesis Project.

Beyond the Next Mountain
The true story of God's calling of the youth Rochunga Pudaite to faith and Christian service and how he completed an amazing mission to serve his family, the Hmar people of India, through his youth to adulthood.  An excellent film to inspire your children and yourself to abandon everything to service of Christ.  Produced by Global Films.

Martin Luther
The true story of Martin Luther and his awakening to salvation by grace alone received through faith in Christ alone while serving as a Catholic monk.  Martin Luther's awakening sparked the famed Reformation of church history that impacts Christian thought to this day.  Check out the Classic Louis De Rochemont production by Lutheran Film Associates.

The Hiding Place
The true story of Corrie ten Boom and her family who defied the corrupt and evil Nazi government to shelter Jews during the Holocaust.  This moving account will inspire any who possess spiritual life with courage to do right even when nations and governments become corrupt or evil.  The film is produced by World Wide Pictures.

God's Outlaw
The true story of William Tyndale and his passion to serve Christ in 16th century Europe during a time when preaching the gospel of Christ was made illegal.  The film should challenge every believer to note that unbelievers still want to silence the gospel of grace and God still commands us to preach it, whether we live in a country that defends freedom of speech or not.  Produced by Grenville Film Productions.

The Radicals
The true story of Michael and Margaretha Sattler and the suffering they endured standing against infant baptism in favor of volitional repentance from sin, faith in Christ, and baptism as a sign of one's commitment to Christ and his people.  This is an essential movie to gain an understanding of the roots of the Anabaptist church movement.  It is not entertainment.  Produced by Sisters and Brothers.

The Cross and the Switchblade 
The true story of David Wilkerson, a country pastor from Philipsburg, Pennsylvania played by Pat Boone, and Nicky Cruz, a New York City gang leader played by Eric Estrada.  God led Wilkerson to New York City and the heart of gang drugs, sex, and violence with the good news of Jesus Christ.  This movie portrays God's answer to Wilkerson's prayers, the conversion of Cruz to Christ.  Produced by Gateway Films. 

Amazing Grace 
A new movie released in 2007 about the life of antislavery pioneer William Wilberforce.  Wilberforce is inspired and exhorted by John Newton, a repentant slave trader turned Christian, to fight against slavery while serving in the British Parliament.  The movie is named after the famed hymn, Amazing Grace, written by Newton after his conversion to Christ.  Though the movie played in main stream theaters the script gladly included Newton's famous words "I am a great sinner, and Christ is a great savior."  Watch this film and find encouragement and example of how one man served Christ as a statesman par excellence.  And where are the Wilberforces of today to fight against the degrading of women in pornography, the slaughter of children in abortion, the greed of man in gambling, and the dehumanizing of man in violence as entertainment?  If Wilberforces are not found we will self-destruct before God even has time to lay his rod of correction across the back of this nation!  Fortunately God has promised to raise up Wilberforces for each hour's need.

A fictional expansion of the life of Barabbas noted briefly in the Christian Scriptures.  Historically Barabbas was the man literally released from the death sentence in favor of mankind sentencing Jesus Christ to die on a cross.  The film does an excellent job of portraying the impact that such a release from certain death would have on an individual.  This film is great cause for reflection because the Scriptures also teach that each of us are also criminals like Barabbas and Christ also died in our place.  The discerning viewer will note that though Barrabas is portrayed as converting to Christ, he is often very misguided, also like many of us.  He is strongly rebuked by Peter for his greatest error of civil disobedience against Rome.  Anthony Quinn stars as Barabbas with Richard Fleischer directing.  Some scenes and themes are not appropriate for young children and may also be revolting to unbelieving and complacent adults.

The Robe
A fictional expansion of the life of the Centurion who nailed Jesus hands and feet to the cross.  The film magnificently portrays the anguish of conscience that anyone would have who literally laid hands of harm on our innocent Christ.  The fulcrum point of the movie is when the Centurion comes to understand that his anguish of conscience is not caused by insanity, but his inability to forgive himself for his sins against Christ.  Peter and the apostles step in and press him with the good news that Christ loves and forgives him even though he sinned greatly against Christ, as we all have .  The movie continues with the Centurion giving his life to Christ against all odds.  The discerning viewer will note that Christians are improperly cast in acts of civil disobedience such as subversive efforts to free imprisoned Christians.  To be sure Christians were freed from prison in the Book of Acts, but by the hand of angels and earthquakes, not men.  Though I recommend the movie for the value that is there, it is unfortunate that immature Christians have been led to rebel against governmental authority.  Instead governmental authority is sanctioned and blessed by God and Christians are commanded to obey both good and evil governments.  The Scriptures permit Christians to disobey the government only when at odds with the command of Christ.  Richard Button stars as the Centurion with Henry Koster directing.

Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
The first of the seven volume fictional tale by C.S. Lewis.  The movie is faithful to the story line and themes of Lewis' original work with excellent acting and special effects to add the thrill of big screen movie action to Lewis' allegory.  P.S.  Unfortunately the second movie, Prince Caspian, was darker with numerous deviations from the original story line.

Les Miserables
The fictional story of Jean Valjean, a heartless convict, who is transformed by a single act of mercy.  The story is woven with themes of grace received by Jean Valjean and grace rejected by the lawman who makes a life goal of capturing Valjean.  The story is set in France during the French Revolution.  Produced by Columbia Pictures.  The film is rated PG-13 for brief nudity that is not inappropriate to realistically portray the villainous nature of man apart from grace.

Cyrano de Bergerac
The fictional story of Cyrano de Bergerac and his romance of Roxanne through the dimwit named 'Christian.'  I comment on Christian allegories in this movie in my article The Image of God in Man, Part 2.  Cyrano de Bergerac dies on a cross shaped intersection of a sidewalk while making his final oratory against pride and selfishness.  Jose Ferrer stars as Cyrano de Bergerac with Michael Gordon directing.  This movie is a classic and my all time favorite!