Kings(2) 8:11-12, More Warfare, Elisha Style

Just another quick note on the awesome power of warfare with spiritual weapons.  Previously we've discussed the arsenal listed in Ephesians 6.  We've mentioned the armament of 'attitude' in 1 Peter 4.  We've also considered the supernatural weaponry that God wielded through Elisha.

To review, God helped Israel by revealing to Elisha the locations of the Syrian army and Elisha informed the king of Israel so they could better defend themselves.  God also empowered Elisha to blind the entire Syrian army and single-handed lead them defenseless to the heart of Israel, feed them, and send them home.  Syria dared to attack again and against all odds, Elisha relayed a message from God that Syria's siege would be routed.  And Syria was routed by the sounds of an attacking army that didn't even exist.  LOL.

So after these fantastic demonstrations of spiritual weaponry, what else could remain?  Perhaps the most moving of all...

He settled his gaze steadfastly on him, until he was ashamed. Then the man of God wept. Hazael said, "Why do you weep, my lord?" He answered, "Because I know the evil that you will do to the children of Israel. You will set their strongholds on fire, and you will kill their young men with the sword, and will dash their little ones in pieces, and rip up their pregnant women"

II Kings 8:11-12 (WEB)

Though God defended Israel through Elisha in the past, God now intended to allow Syria to harm Israel.  Yet, Elisha continued to fight for Israel with the steady gaze of his clear conscience upon the enemy and with tears for God's people.  The armies of this world know only one objective, to defeat the enemy.  However, Elisha, because he served the Lord, knew another painful objective in God's plan.

Elisha knew that God purposed to discipline Israel through defeat by the Syrian army.  Israel had become THEIR OWN ENEMY by turning from God to worship idols.  So for Israel's own good, God planned their defeat through Syria.  Of course Syria was not righteous themselves as Elisha's penetrating gaze reveals.  Elisha had defended Israel against Syria multiple times in the past, though without sword.  Yet, even though Israel's defeat to Syria was certain, Elisha continued to fight for his countrymen with tears over the much greater enemy of their own sin and God righteous judgment soon to fall upon them.

Elisha shows us how to fight a battle that cannot be fought with sword in hand.