Luke 20:26-38, Marriage, Part 2: The Divine Marriage Amendment

The purpose of Monthly Zingers is to remind myself and my audience of the flavorful teaching of Christ.  Think of it as a spiritual spice rack.  Recently, I liberally salted and peppered your plate with Romans 3:20-24 & 5:20, The Federal 'Old Covenant Style' Marriage Amendment.  Unsure if I served the perfect blend of spice, however, I decided to add several pounds of red hot chili peppers in order to bring the dish back into balance. 
Much ado is being made in my nation about a proposed marriage amendment.  As I reflected on this I noted that Christ has also made a marriage amendment.  Read of Christ,
26) They weren't able to trap him in his words before the people. They marveled at his answer and were silent. 27) Some of the Sadducees came to him, those who deny that there is a resurrection. 28) They asked him, "Teacher, Moses wrote to us that if a man's brother dies having a wife, and he is childless, his brother should take the wife and raise up children for his brother. 29) There were therefore seven brothers. The first took a wife, and died childless. 30) The second took her as wife, and he died childless. 31) The third took her, and likewise the seven all left no children, and died. 32) Afterward the woman also died. 33) Therefore in the resurrection whose wife of them will she be? For the seven had her as a wife."

34) Jesus said to them, "The children of this age marry, and are given in marriage. 35) But those who are considered worthy to attain to that age and the resurrection from the dead neither marry nor are given in marriage. 36) For they can't die any more, for they are like the angels, and are children of God, being children of the resurrection. 37) But that the dead are raised, even Moses showed at the bush, when he called the Lord 'The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.' 38) Now he is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for all are alive to him."
Luke 20:26-38 (WEB)
The Scriptures place incredible importance on the sanctity of marriage and on love, honor, respect, and submission in marriage.  The Scriptures also warn of the shame of dishonoring marriage and punishment for adulterers, fornicators, and homosexuals.  Ephesians Chapter 5 even teaches that the purpose of Christian marriage is to typify Christ's love for the church.  Christ also taught,
6) But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. 7) For this cause a man will leave his father and mother, and will join to his wife, 8) and the two will become one flesh, so that they are no longer two, but one flesh. 9) What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.
Mark 10:6-9 (WEB)
Yet the teaching of Christ is also plain,..... marriage is a temporary institution for this age.  The prospect is both frightening and mind blowing!  Frightening because as a husband I will one day give account of my husbanding to Christ, our true husband.  My wife is not mine, but we are His.  Mind blowing because in light of Christ's marriage amendment the glories of eternity must be wildly beyond our imagination with little Scriptural revelation to guide us.  Apostle John reveals some information, "Beloved, now we are children of God. It is not yet revealed what we will be; but we know that when he is revealed, we will be like him; for we will see him just as he is" (I John 3:2 WEB). 
Based on Galatians 3:28 some believe that in eternity people will no longer be male or female.  Yet Genesis 1:27 explains that male and female is a primary part of God's expression of his image in man.  "God created man in his own image. In God's image he created him; male and female he created them" (Genesis 1:27 WEB).  Thus anything less than male and female would be a demotion for mankind in eternity.  I believe that men and women will continue as brothers and sisters in eternity with only their marriage to Christ enduring forever.  But don't lose too much sleep over speculation about eternal glory.  The Scriptures reveal little. 
Yet the red hot chili pepper teachings of Christ do make one thing clear.  Christ's plan to demonstrate His unrestrained goodness and passionate love to His chosen people shatters every comfortable idea about God that one may have while sitting in the typical church pew.  My personal idolatry of marriage, of earthly family, and toward my wife, that she would be MY OWN are killed dead.
If you don't like Christ's teaching on this subject you can join the Mormons.  They offer contracts for "eternal marriage," though I don't think Christ honors these contracts. You may also consider the Muslims; they propose a male-centric eternity with female servants.  It is clear that both Mormon and Muslim teaching fall way short of the truth.
The simple notion that eternity will be like this world, but without sin, falls infinitely short of eternity's glories.  It will be a NEW age.  If you can hardly wait then I am sure you share my prayer, "Lord help me to be worthy to attain that age and to patiently wait."