Luke 20:18, Broken or Crushed. Your choice.

Growing up as a youth my mind was filled with imaginations of the great things I would be and the great things I would do in my life.  I had numerous cousins, aunts, uncles, family, schoolmates, and friends who demonstrated the achievement of success.  I lived to achieve the same.
I remember one who worked hard, saved money, and bought himself a beautiful sport car.  The car was loaded with a high-powered engine, a four-barrel carburetor, loud glass-pack mufflers, wide racing wheels and tires, and an immaculate interior and paint job.  I wanted one of those!  I also remember another couple who worked hard, saved money, and bought themselves a large mansion.  The home was wonderful and boasted of a modern kitchen, plush carpeting, a Jacuzzi, spacious rooms, and more.  I wanted that as well!  Yet another man had become a fabulously successful businessman.  Oh that I could obtain his wealth, power, and reputation!
Thus ran the vain thoughts of youth.  Worse yet I myself dragged these self-serving ideals into the family of Christ.  In the vanity of youth I imagined that my life consisted of the things I owned.  I imagined that I could be both a Christian and serve the American Dream.  I imagined that I and others could really be made happy by service to these idols.
However, the truth is that all have sinned and absolutely no one escapes this life without very painful wounds.  Jesus called himself the chief cornerstone and said of himself, "Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces, but it will crush whomever it falls on to dust," Luke 20:18 (WEB).
Since the only two choices for sinful man are to be broken or to be crushed, God help us to call upon Him for brokenness and deliverance from our idols.  The only alternative is for his wrath to be kindled to flame and we and our idols to be crushed under the weight of His glory.