Romans 7:18, Ephesians 6:15, and Philippians 2:15, Star Peace

Recently I enjoyed viewing the Star Wars movie series. I know I married a woman and have three daughters, but even so I just can’t get excited about movies like Pride and Prejudice. I need a good action adventure! I just love a good sci-fi thriller and Star Wars is a classic. Consider the dramatic conclusion with the Evil Emperor pitting Luke Skywalker against his father Darth Vader with evil designs that the victor would then become his sinister partner to take over the Universe. Luke and Darth battle back and forth with the light saber in a riveting scene until Luke finally cuts his father’s hand off dehabilitating him.
The Evil Emperor reveals a wicked smile and urges Luke to deal the final blow and kill his father. Luke, however, casts off his weapon, says he will not kill his father, but instead appeals to Darth to come to the good side. He cries out, “Father, I know that there is good in you!” The Evil Emperor, enraged, then zaps Luke with blue lightning bolts one after the other with intent to kill Luke. Luke cries out again and again, “Father! Father! Father!” Finally, Darth does seem to search deep down and find compassion within himself enough to save his son from the Evil Emperor. Darth slowly picks up the Emperor and throws him down to his destruction.
The ending is impressive... very impressive.
Yet suppose we were to rewrite the script with a Christian ending. How would this scene look?  Luke races to find his father, Darth Vader standing next to the Evil Emperor, both dressed in black. Luke shouts as he nears the two, “Dad! Dad! Emperor! I have some great news! You would not believe what I learned!”
Darth and the Emperor look at each other and say together, “Boy, it is we who teach you. Come to the dark side Luke.” 
Luke comes back, “That is exactly the great news I wanted to tell you about. I’ve been reading in the most ancient writings in Romans 7:18 that in us 'dwells no good thing.' I’m already on the dark side with you guys! Isn’t that great? And best of all the Master of All forgives me and you even though we do evil and one day he plans to destroy evil forever! Can you believe it?”
The Emperor chimes in, “I am the master of all. Who is your Master of All? Yoda?”
Luke laughs, “Don’t be ridiculous. I’ve bagged all that Jedi stuff. I now serve the Master of Masters.”
Darth cries out, “What are you saying son? Search your feelings!” 
Luke laughs again, “No point in searching my feelings, dad, they are corrupted by evil as well. I have placed my complete trust in my new master and I am here to invite you to do that as well. What do you say guys?”
Darth and the Emperor now laugh, “Why should we do that? Can your new master give us greater power and skill with the light saber?”
Luke responds, “Fellows you got it all wrong, I am bringing you the good news of peace described in Ephesians 6:15, not war. The good news is that even though there is no good in us and we all are evil on the inside that the Master of Masters loves us and forgives us.”
Darth and the Emperor now shout, “We are not evil” as Darth turns his light saber on Luke cutting off his arm.
Luke slowly says to his dad, “So you say you are not evil?” while clutching his wound.
Luke breaks the silence, “Dad, I know you wanted to become so powerful so as to have power over even death itself. You blamed yourself for my mom’s death and wanted to bring her back from the dead. But the ancient writings say that man does not have this power. However, the Master of Masters does!   Dad, the ancient writings say that my mother, your wife, is alive! She is under the care of the Master of Masters in the nether world!  Dad, Emperor, won’t you place your faith in my new master and receive him as Lord? I have the same problem as you guys. I am often controlling and want to be my own master and the master of others. But my new master has helped me with that and he can help you too. In fact in the ancient writings Philippians 2:15 says if we obey him with his help we will shine like the stars in the Universe! Give up the star wars and shine like a star through the Master of Masters.
What do you say?”