Isaiah 30:1-2, An Alliance, But Not With My Spirit

The most frightening teaching to me when I first came to Christ was found in Romans Chapter 8 verse 13.  But how can that be?  Romans Chapter 8 is the climax of Christian encouragement!  If we are afraid of any Chapter in the Scripture it is Romans Chapter 9.  What is so frightening about Romans Chapter 8?
It is here that we learn that if we live according to the sinful nature we will die, but if by the Spirit we will live.  These are certain words with the outcome of life or death.  In my case I have lived and lived and lived according to the sinful nature.  How will my life or any sinner’s life be spared with this propensity to sin?  Brothers and sisters, we cannot hope to live and walk before the Lord in our own strength.  When we received Christ we confessed our need of the Lord and he took up residence in our lives.  But to continue to live we must live by that same Spirit.
Consider also Isaiah's warning to move only with the Spirit of the Lord.
"Woe to the rebellious children", says Yahweh, "who take counsel, but not from me; and who make an alliance, but not with my Spirit, that they may add sin to sin, who set out to go down into Egypt, and have not asked my advice; to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh, and to take refuge in the shadow of Egypt!"
Isaiah 30:1-2 (WEB)
Lord, it is only you that can bar the way and keep us from selling out to Pharaoh.  Apart from you can we stave off our love of sin?  Apart from you we have already signed partnerships of sin with others!  Apart from you can we preach the requirement of the new birth for salvation?  Apart from you we are promising parents that their children were born Christian or that the church can save children with no gospel needed at all!  Apart from you can we live as Christian men at Mount Calvary?  Apart from you we are joining the Jews at Mount Sinai or the Gentiles at Mount Lust!  Apart from you can our lives flame with a knowledge of your grace?  Apart from you we will say "grace" at every meal, but forget what it even means to be saved by grace.
Lord God we cannot live as you want apart from you.  Help us to put off the deeds of the sinful nature in order to be filled to over-flowing with your Spirit and then we will live!  Help us Lord I pray.