Admittedly the ideas in this book are controversial... as was Jesus himself.

While many have been able to find fellowship in a tidy theological camp, I have both agreement and disagreement with available traditions.  My goal in pursuing Christ has been to be pro-Christ, anti-denominational, thoroughly Biblical, and willing to consider the hard questions.  Yet I do not want to be dogmatic and close the door to discussion.  The truth does not change with discussion, yet God can use discussion to help both you and I grow in the truth.  So, this last chapter is a place to air important feedback and discussion about this clarification of the gospel, as well as additional supporting arguments.

You were already invited to make comments and raise questions on each page of the book online.  However, if you prefer to email me questions at DGJC.ORG/CONTACT I will answer them in the online Appendix.  I will remove your name to protect your privacy.