Roman Hell Fire?

I ask myself...

SELF>> By the way where is Hell and the Lake of Fire in the Book of Romans?

ME>> Self, that is an excellent question.  The Book of Romans is Paul's premier thesis on the subject of Christian salvation.  One would expect a thorough explanation of eternal destinies outlined in this work.  What does Romans have to say about Hades / Hell?  What does Romans have to say about the Lake of Fire?  Curiously, the book of Romans does not mention Hell or the Lake of Fire explicitly even one time!  However, on the positive side Romans does speak about Eternal Life.  Romans does speak about God's judgment of physical death for the wicked behavior of the unbelieving in Romans 1:32.  Romans also speaks about justification resulting in freedom from condemnation to eternal death.  I just found it curious that Romans does not explicitly mention Hades or the Lake of Fire.

My theory on that is that the larger focus of Romans is the positive hope of the gospel, the invitation for all mankind to believe, and the power of the gospel to transform and save people from... sin.  If you are looking for a fire insurance policy for protection from the Lake of Fire, do not read the book of Romans.  You will not find fire insurance there.  The book of Romans is written to awaken the unbelieving elect to the awesome guarantee they already have in Christ.  The book of Romans is also written to save the believing from the dread effects of our sinful nature.

The key application from the gospel of grace for God's people is "BE TRANSFORMED."