Optimistic Abstract

Optimism Out of Control, AbstractAfter decades of defeat in a wrestling match with grace I am now thankful to offer a helping hand to those seeking escape from confusion and even self-righteous deception. Read on to discover the awesome Biblical news that God loves you... because he loves all mankind!  I thank God for the patience and prayers of many Christians and especially a few Christians who showed me grace while I thrashed through life searching for the answers that were right in front of me, to God be the glory.

I also thank my editors for their review of the Optimism Out of Control manuscript.  Their suggestions and corrections were invaluable.  However, any remaining faults in grammar, tone, logic, and use of Scripture are my sole responsibility.  Also the book developed over a period of years as collections of articles and concepts were assembled.  Thank you for your patience if you discover unnecessary repetition. Further time and effort certainly could have improved the work, but the urgency of clarifying the gospel of grace pressed for publication.  I kindly ask you to contact me at DGJC.ORG/CONTACT with your own suggestions and corrections.

The Optimism Out of Control book has grown to be longer than anticipated.  It can be read in several hours.  I recommend reading the chapters through in sequence for the best understanding of my arguments.  Also if you find the book confusing please persevere through the appendix where many more questions are answered.  If you just cannot find the time you are invited to read the...

Optimism Abstract