Compatibilism is the Answer? (AKA Molinism)

FRIEND>> Compatibilism is the answer! Your arguments pit God's sovereignty against man's free will.  That is the error of your thinking because these ideas can co-exist and they are compatible.

ME>> So you say... and actually compatibilism is the majority view held by both the schooled and unschooled theologian alike.  A basic explanation of compatibilism can be found at  Compatibilism really is a variation of the 16th century heresy, Molinism, explained at  Both attack the sovereign grace of God so that man can be god of his own salvation.

Those that hold this view should at least consider the challenge of Martin Luther in his book, Bondage of the Will.  Frankly, most American Protestants do not even understand the heart of Luther's Reformation and the contest that was at stake for the gospel of grace at that time.  Luther strongly stated, "If any man doth ascribe aught of salvation, even the very least, to the free-will of man, he knoweth nothing of grace, and he hath not learnt Jesus Christ aright."  Sadly many protestant churches pride themselves claiming to hold the true gospel, while thinking that Catholics fall short.  The truth is, however, that both Catholicism and American Protestantism continue to make the same mistake that Luther tried to correct!  I find this misguided Protestant finger pointing to be offensive and massively hypocritical.  Luther's book, Bondage of the Will, is a must read for this generation.  I have also written my own short article on the same subject, A Quintessential Defense of FREE WILL.

Why do Christians continue to cling to their own supposed free will, instead of clinging to the gracious free will of the Savior?  Why would we be so motivated to invent such an odd word as "compatibilism" to defend the incompatible?  Why not instead seek the Lord, even pound on the doors of heaven for a better answer?  Why not consider the happy truth that Christ willed to pay for the sins of ALL mankind completely apart from our will?  The cursing of Peter makes it abundantly clear that no one freely willed that Christ die on the cross to pay for our sin except our gracious God himself, Matthew 26:74.  Perhaps you are cursing too?