Streams of Thought

We should also review a list of the major organized movements with opinions about Christian salvation.  Just as individuals have expressed their views, groups of individuals with shared beliefs have also rallied around their beliefs.  The chart below is a basic categorization of the major streams of spiritual thought.  The analysis is a generalization and so may not be true for particular churches.

I Marvel that so many professing Christians and even cults say the words that we are saved 'by grace through faith' yet also have such radically different understandings of salvation.  The good news for Jesus' chosen people is that God's grace has forgiven even our misunderstandings.

Streams of Spiritual Thought Charted:

I. Atheism  -
II. Agnosticism  -
III. Religion  -
  A. Cults -
  B. Polytheism  -
  C. Monotheism  -
    1. Unknown God  -
    2. Known God
      a. God One with Universe
        i. Panentheism  -
        ii. Pantheism  -
          1. Buddhism  -
          2. Hinduism  -
      b. God Distinction from Universe
        i. Impersonal force  -
        ii. Personal God  -
          1. Deism, not involved  -
          2. Theism, involved  -
            a. Islam  -
            b. Judaism  -
            c. Jesus NOT God
              1. Unitarianism -
              2. Jehovah Witnesses  -'s_Witnesses
              3. Mormonism  -
            d. Jesus IS God  -  Salvation by Grace through Faith
              1. Apostolic  -
              2. Catholic  -
              3. Eastern Orthodox  -
              4. Protestant -
                a. Lutheran  -
                b. Presbyterian  -
                c. Anabaptist  -
                d. Anglican  -
                e. Methodist  -
                f. Charismatic  -
                g. Other -