Previously Stated

Hopefully, you have reflected about your purpose for reading this book and have a good reason to continue.  So I invite you to continue to explore my thoughts and I hope you find encouragement there.  Books are a trip into the mind of another, as much as that is possible.

The ideas in this book developed their shape while I hammered them out in my previous writings.  So my earlier articles may be the best introduction.  Please note, however, that my understanding has grown through the decades, so I am currently revising my earlier works to be consistent with the latter.

My Optimism Out of Control DGJC.ORG/ZINGERS article titles include:

My other salvation-related article titles include:

My complete article list is found at DGJC.ORG/ARTICLES.

God's Word is perfect.  The Holy Spirit is the master communicator of meaning with unmatched style.  Even so, we often question God's wisdom.  We would only ever be wrong to do so.  However, you would certainly not be wrong to accuse me of error.  Again, please do contact me with comments and corrections at DGJC.ORG/CONTACT.

So at this early stage of my book, I'll warn myself from Proverbs 10:19 (WEB): "In the multitude of words there is no lack of disobedience, but he who restrains his lips does wisely."