Timothy(1) 5:24, What happens in Vegas...

The world promises, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Do you want to hit the slots, but the prudes think it evil? Take a trip to Vegas, your secret will be safe there. Do you want to pamper yourself, but your spouse has the check book under lock and key? Take a trip to Vegas, they will take care of you. Do you want to savor fine dining and loosen up with finer wine, but feel guilty about the decadence? Take a trip to Vegas, you deserve it. Do you want to take off your wedding ring, but have doubts? Take a trip to Vegas, though it is sin city, you are promised that, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!
The promise is enticing.
Can Vegas deliver?
Can the good, or more likely the bad and the ugly committed in Vegas truly stay in Vegas? Can we hide our deeds from our fellowman? Possibly. Can we hide our deeds from God? The Christian Scriptures report, “Some men's sins are evident, preceding them to judgment, and some also follow later” (I Timothy 5:24 WEB). The Bible warns that sooner or later, our sins will become known.
What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.
The Bible also promises, “For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God” (Colossians 3:3 WEB) Did you hit the slots, but now prudently regret the evil? Take a trip to Christ, your sin will be safe with him. Did you pamper yourself, but now realize you robbed your spouse? Take a trip to Christ, he will take care of you. Did you fill yourself with gluttony and drunkenness, but now see that decadence is decadent? Take a trip to Christ, even though you don’t deserve him. Did you take off your wedding ring, but now have no doubts that through unfaithfulness you have joined the lowest of low? Take a trip to Christ, he is the final and only sacrifice for your sin.
God guarantees that, “What is hidden in Christ, stays in Christ!