Christian Perspectives on Strength and Beauty

Today I chatted with Jane, an elderly Catholic believer who often sits on a doorstep near my office. Jane volunteered the story of a young woman from her church who offends by showing cleavage, too much leg, and too little discretion with her beauty. Jane went on to say that girls shouldn’t dress that way in God’s house. I commented that the whole world is God’s house and asked Jane if she could talk to... read more.

Christian Teaching

THE TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Before Studying God, (prolegomena). 2. A Study of Knowing God, (revelation). 3. A Study of What God is Like and What God Does, (Theology). 4. A Study of God's Special Good Agents, (angelology). 5. A Study of God's Special Evil Agents, (demonology). 6. A Study of Humanity, (anthropology). 7. A Study of Sin, (harmartiology). 8. A Study of the Person of Christ, (Christology). 9. A Study of the Holy Spirit,... read more.

Five Prayers from Scripture

The Prayer of Jabez Recently I was introduced to a small book titled "The Prayer Of Jabez." The book discusses a small passage of Scripture which tells us about Jabez, his mother, and a prayer that Jabez prayed. In fact the whole story of Jabez and his prayer only encompasses two verses included here for your reference, 9) Jabez was more honorable than his brothers. His mother named him Jabez, saying, "Because I bore him... read more.

He Went To Jerusalem

Jesus, in his work of atonement for the sins of mankind, did the most important thing for us... he went to Jerusalem. In this article I discuss, first, the resolute and orderly plan that Christ followed as revealed in the book of Matthew, second, how this plan demonstrates that Christ died for the sins of all mankind, and third, applications for following Christ to Jerusalem. Christ’s Resolute and Orderly Plan The book of Matthew begins... read more.


How can a sinful man be justified before a holy God? To justify someone is to declare them innocent or guiltless, to absolve or acquit. The dilemma for us is that God is our judge and he is both loving and just. He is perfect in love, but also perfect in justice so that he cannot wink at our sin or sweep it under the carpet. We must be judged and we are all convicted... read more.

Optimism Out of Control

Now in print at Amazon and Lulu! Years ago I shared a thought with a friend, an incredibly awesome thought. He responded by saying that perhaps my " optimism had just gotten out of control." The phrase was so peculiar that it has stuck with me all these years. I am thankful for my friend's comment, which he has likely long forgotten. It served the good purpose of encouraging my deeper reflection. Also, the phrase... read more.


A pastor told a funny story. While walking seminary grounds musing about God, someone leaped from behind a tree startling him with the question, “Are you saved?” The frightened pastor called back, “From what?” while looking around for danger. After a moment, the pastor realized that the man was not warning him about pedestrian danger, but instead was doing evangelism in his own style and asking him if he has Christian salvation. The pastor answered... read more.

Savior of the World!

They said to the woman, "Now we believe, not because of your speaking; for we have heard for ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Savior of the world." John 4:42 (WEB) The adulterous woman told her town that Jesus is the Savior of the world. Imagine that. Yet is Jesus the Savior of the WHOLE world? The adulterous woman whom Jesus spoke to at Jacob’s well received the good news that... read more.

Stretch Your Tent

Persevering after failure, hardship, or disappointment can be difficult if not impossible in our own strength. Even more difficult is when there is nobody to blame but ourselves for our situation. After we have kicked our own dog, shot our own foot, or burnt down our own shed, living with the outcomes of our own foolish behavior can be painful for ourselves and our loved ones to say the least. The question of the hour... read more.

The Bill of No Rights

Preamble In this paper I compare man’s claim of “inalienable rights” and “freedom” with the truth of Holy Scripture. This comparison is essential to keep the family of Christ from seduction to the philosophies of unbelieving mankind. Like the forbidden fruit in the garden, these philosophies are beautiful on the outside, but filled with Satan’s lies about the grace of God and nature of man. Specifically man has no “inalienable rights” before God and their... read more.

The Declaration of Dependence

Preamble When in the course of spiritual events, Christians must separate from unbelief, wickedness, and man supplanting God, to retain the privileged titles of sons and daughters of God, the fearful certainty of the coming wrath of God requires that we should declare the causes impelling us to reverence Christ. These truths are self evident, all people, by birth-nature, are disobedient to the Lord Jesus Christ, and by nature reject their good creator in favor... read more.

The Image of God in Man

What is the Image of God in Man? Many find the image of God in the form or function of an individual. Americans in particular emphasize individualism. Some compare form with God as Trinity and man as body, soul, and spirit. Some compare function with a man as God’s vicar. These may be true, but I propose there is more. Consider, 26) God said, "Let's make man in our image, after our likeness. Let them... read more.

The Image of God in Man, Part 2

I have often heard people who are going through a trial thank others for praying by saying, “I have felt your prayers.” I have never openly objected to this exchange, but as a young Christian I have often wondered if this wasn’t quite Biblical. Our knowledge of what people are doing out of our sight is limited whereas only God’s is unlimited. However, I never made a big deal about it because it seemed like... read more.

The Image of God in Man, Part 3

Well Worth Writing about … Again In ninth grade I savored a small taste of glory. A good friend persuaded me to join the Future Farmers of America at school. My parents were not farmers, but I lived in a farming community so I gave it a try. The FFA excels at two things in particular, creating agricultural related contests… and giving awards to the contest winners. And so it wasn’t long before I found... read more.

To Battle with the Sword of the Spirit and Prayer!

I have had the privilege and challenge of discipleship by Christians from several Church traditions. I am privileged because God has shown me loving correction and teaching through these brothers. Moreover God has used these brothers to introduce me to powerful doctrines that I would never have heard otherwise. For example I was directed to study Ephesians and learned that God elected to save us from before the foundation of the world apart from even... read more.

Whose Name is Jealous

God has given many names to himself for our sake throughout Scripture. Perhaps one of the most powerful names given is recorded in Exodus 34:14 (WEB), "For you shall worship no other god; for Yahweh, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God." As Christians we are taught elsewhere in Scripture that jealousy is dangerous and wrong to maintain in our hearts, and this is true. Yet here we read in Exodus that the God... read more.