Psalm 10:16-18, Davids War on Terror

Terrorism is nothing new.
Ever since sin has entered the world there have been oppressors and oppressed. Ever since the kingdoms of this earth have become the kingdoms of Satan, fathers and brothers have also beaten and abandoned their children and neighbors terrorized. The ancient Hebrew, King David, knew this as well and wrote Psalm 10 to point us to the only one who can deliver us from terror.
16) Yahweh is King forever and ever! The nations will perish out of his land. 17) Yahweh, you have heard the desire of the humble. You will prepare their heart.You will cause your ear to hear, 18) to judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that man who is of the earth may terrify no more.
Psalm 10:16-18 (WEB)
The real source of terror on the earth is sinful man. In fact we are hopelessly surrounded by terrorists. On one hand we have hypocrites clothed in self-righteousness, pleading ‘trust me,’ while inwardly they are raging animals ready to devour. False believers fill the pews with hearts too full of lust to have room for Jesus. On the other hand we have the licentious, reveling in their lust, enticing ‘live free,’ while inwardly they are corpses filled with death. Terrible unbelievers empty the earth of all good leaving a trail of mangled fetuses behind.
And to cut off all possible escape you and I are also members of sinful mankind terrifying others with our own hypocrisy and licentiousness from time to time.  Who will deliver us from the terror that surrounds us and indwells us? The only hope for deliverance is God’s war of grace in this world. Jesus is advancing to the battle ground of our very hearts to redeem that which was lost to Satan’s power.
This is great hope.
David reminds us above that even nations will perish from the earth and fail to save, but our gracious Lord will remain king forever. Has the Lord our eternal king conquered your terrorist heart with grace?
Lord God, deliver us!