Proverbs 11:22, It Aint No Secret Victoria

Men, we need more frank conversation about sexual temptation.
Ever since our fall into sin men have been faced with the sin of lusting after the female body treating women as chattel and women have been faced with the sin of disrespecting men using their beauty as bait.
One evening while dining at the beach I saw a beautiful woman walk across the shore while a man followed her in tow a few feet behind. He caught up with her and they chatted a few moments at the surf, she flung her long black hair and gown revealing a sexy black bikini and strolled further down the shoreline, again with him panting behind her. He again caught up and she again flung her hair and gown and posed toward the boardwalk with the sand as her runway. He wanted what she had. She had what he wanted.
Volumes have been written about battles on the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima, but here was a great battle on the beach between two great sinners unobserved by most and likely recorded only in these few sentences. He wanted what she had, following after her with his tongue drooling, trading love for the lust of her body.  She had what he wanted, leading him on like a dog with a bone, trading respect for the thrill of enticing a man. Sadly this battle of the sexes has been raging since the fall. Yet can we find reason for love to defeat lust and respect to defeat seduction?
Solomon said, "Like a gold ring in a pig's snout, is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion" (Proverbs 11:22 WEB). Frankly, we men often do not hate indiscretion in women. We men are glad enough to enjoy some eye-candy from time to time, not even realizing that the heart of immodesty is disrespect of men. Woman, likewise, are glad enough to enjoy the thrill of seducing the glances of men also not realizing that they are cultivating lust for themselves and not love. Perhaps a closer examination of this verse will help love and respect win the victory.
Proverbs 11:22
Like a
Solomon is beginning a comparison
gold ring
A gold ring is beautiful
in a
A beautiful gold ring is to be put in something
pig’s snout
Put a beautiful gold ring in a pig’s snout?
is a
A gold ring in a pig’s snout is to be compared with something
beautiful woman
A beautiful woman is beautiful
who lacks
A woman, though beautiful, could still be lacking something
To be discreet, show prudence, have good judgment, in context to show discretion with beauty
A beautiful woman may lack discretion with her beauty, i.e. immodesty / seduction
Indiscretion with female beauty is equal to putting a gold ring in a pig’s snout

Consider, men, the next time we feast our eyes on an indiscreet female, it is equal to wearing the gold ring of female beauty in the pig’s snout of our lust. It is one thing to admire God’s design in female beauty, but quite another thing to feed our selfishness with it. Consider, women, the next time you are indiscreet with your beauty, it is equal to putting the gold ring of man’s attraction to the female body in the pig’s snout of your seduction. It is one thing to marvel at God’s design in male attraction to female beauty, but quite another to seduce with it.
Yet, there is a place for man to enjoy the beauty of the female body with no restriction to his passion. There is also a place for woman to enjoy the thrill of attracting a man, holding nothing back. This place is the safe and secret place of the marriage bedroom. It is not a place for lust, for seduction, for children, for the public, or for the marketing of sex. The marriage bedroom is a precious place requiring diligent stewardship and protection.
Protection is needed because what God has intended for intimate pleasure in the safe and secret place of the marriage bedroom is now exploited in the name of free speech and the bottom line of marketing departments. The ethic of today’s business has become “Whatever Works” with the dollar bill as Almighty God.
Isn’t it ironic that the largest sellers of lingerie would call themselves Victoria’s Secret? I am all for lingerie sold discreetly and worn confidently in the marriage bedroom, the problem is that not only is Victoria’s lingerie not a secret, neither is her body. If there ever were an example of a gold ring in a pig’s snout this would be it. Some of the world’s most beautiful women have placed their beauty in the pig’s snout of American lust because of the pig’s snout of their own seduction. Instead of reserving this precious gift for the marriage bedroom, women receive a paycheck to model their wares on TV and twice life size posters in the mall in full view of children and the public, reaping billions of dollars with their indiscretion.
And who is more guilty, the buyer or the seller? Though, we should also note that men do not always buy the indiscretions of women with money, but with all sorts of compromises such as giving admiration to the harlot and overlooking the chaste. Women, you also do not always sell your indiscretion for money, but also for the mere fleeting glances of the sex charged men that pass you on the street.
As for Victoria and her disciples why don’t we be honest and change her name to comply with truthful advertising. How about “Victoria’s Advertisement,” “Victoria’s Announcement,” or “Victoria’s Proclamation?” I got it. Let’s get rid of the hint of the Victorian era because we are well past that and add a touch of US pride. How about “Vicky’s Declaration?” We could even hang it next to the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence since it is becoming a pillar in the foundation of the American way of life.  And what would it say? It would begin...
When in the intercourse of sexual events it becomes necessary for one sex to battle another for their selfish rights, a descent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to battle. We hold these truths to be self evident, that he wants what she gots and she gots what he wants and he trades love for lust to buy it and she trades respect for seduction to sell it, bringing great dishonor to the marriage bed through his selfishness and her indiscretion...
Alternatively men could call on the Lord for help to love women instead of lust for them and women could call on the Lord for help to respect men instead of seduce them.