Hebrews 11:34, Weakness Turned To Strength

The Holy Spirit says in Hebrews 11:34 (WEB) that in the past people trusted God and their "from weakness were made strong."
Can you honestly confess your weaknesses to friends?  To the face in the mirror?  To God? Will you be honest with God or will you hide your weaknesses from him who sees all? Can you trust that God has the power to use even our weaknesses to demonstrate his grace? Will you trust God with your weaknesses or will you trust your own strength? Can you wait patiently for God, who has delivered others in the past, to deliver you today? Will you wait patiently for God’s deliverance or will you try to deliver yourself? Can you put your weakness to work in God’s hands by testifying that Christ is your savior? Will you testify that Christ is your savior or pretend that you do not need a savior?
Confess. Trust. Wait. Testify.