Matthew 23:34-36, The Christian Memorial Day Proposed

Am I the only one saddened by the prayers of American Christians thanking God for the peace and safety we have to worship in the United States... while Christians across the globe suffer persecution and unimagineable trials? Consider an comparison. " A marine stationed on routine duty at headquarters thanks his commanding officer that he can serve in safety at headquarters while his fellow marines are in harms way in the battle field." That soldier's... read more.

Matthew 24:4-14, Same as the Old Boss

The rock group, The Who, screamed a provocative lyric. In their song, Won’t Get Fooled Again , they conclude with a despairing truth “Meet the new boss… Same as the old boss.” Their song rightly points out a sad irony of every revolution that has ever taken place on the planet. Mankind strives and struggles to take two steps forward, but ironically we close our eyes and slide back to be the same people we... read more.

Matthew 6:13, Lead us not into temptation

Unbelievers see contradiction in the Scriptures and claim this as evidence of fallibility in God or his word. The unbelieving make a grave mistake in maligning God in this way. However, we believers often make the mistake of responding defensively or superficially when a seeming contradiction is pointed out. Instead we should not be surprised when a seeming paradox, contradiction, or anomaly is pointed out to us. After all the study of God is well... read more.

Matthew 7:21-23, 24:23-25, Prophets and Miracle Workers, Yet Reprobate

God has at times through history spoken his word and words of prophecy as well as performed miracles through men of faith. Strangely, however, the Scriptures teach that there are and will be false prophets and miracle workers. Strange, because their faith and testimony is false, yet the prophecies and miracles are real! Why would God delegate super natural power to the unbelieving? Perhaps to test the faith of the saints. Perhaps to further delude... read more.

Peter(1) 2:9-12, My observations as an undercover catholic priest

I shocked a friend once by telling him that I was an undercover catholic priest. I explained that God had called me out of professional ministry to the humbler station of laity, though I maintained my catholic priesthood undercover. I could not get him to believe me, but Scripture suggests that any believer in Christ can make this claim. Peter writes, 9) But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a... read more.

Peter(1) 2:9-17, Honor the King

The desire to be accepted and at ease is so great within our natures that we often may be tempted to make the kingdoms of this earth our home. But Christian friends, Peter explains that believers in Christ are a holy nation with a citizenship in heaven. Can the kingdoms of this earth offer a meaningful identity or a lasting rest to match this? True meaning and rest can only be found in Christ. Keep... read more.

Peter(1) 4:1, Armed with Attitude

I once taught a Bible class to college students with a section titled, "Spiritual Weapons." I used Ephesians 6 to explain how Scripture and prayer are key spiritual weapons in our fight against sin and Satan. Recently while reading 1 Peter, I realized that I have neglected another vital spiritual weapon. Peter writes, "Therefore, since Christ suffered in his body, arm yourselves also with the same attitude, because he who has suffered in his body... read more.

Peter(1) 4:11, Take away my freedom of speech? Please!

In my country the golden calf of our ideology may very well be the freedom of speech or the right to speak freely. Perhaps the emphasis of this ideal was born out of the persecution of many Christians in Eastern and then Western Europe in times past as Christianity spread from its roots in the Middle East. This is no surprise because the gospel of the grace of Christ has always met resistance, more or... read more.

Peter(1) 4:17, Daddy, what are Hooters?

We just returned from a New Year’s meal with my wife’s extended family. My wife and kids have enjoyed a humorous debate about which of our family reunions serves the best food. Opinions diverge, but for me I enjoy all the food and the fellowship at these gatherings. We are also blessed to have family who love Jesus and lead out with Christian prayer and song. Today I noticed that the event was even less... read more.

Peter(2) 3:1-13, Global Warming is No Joke

Global warming is no joke. Read below. 3:1) This is now, beloved, the second letter that I have written to you; and in both of them I stir up your sincere mind by reminding you, 2) that you should remember the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and the commandment of us, the apostles of the Lord and Savior: 3) knowing this first, that in the last days mockers will come, walking... read more.

Philippians 2:1-11, Others Magazine!

We live in an unabashedly self-centered period of world history. If there were a time past when selflessness and sacrifice was considered a virtue, it is truly gone. Just what do you say to someone who says to you, 'It is all about YOU!' What? Shall I just kill all virtue and employ all my resources in the service of... MYSELF? It is true that my 'self' is self-'ish' and truly only concerned with my-'self'.... read more.

Philippians 3:10, Eureka! Likeness IS NOT Sameness!!

My wife and I home-school and we have learned that a good home-school program is not for the faint of heart. Imagine taking a job as a kindergarten teacher and being promoted to a new grade level each year through twelfth grade! You would have to learn as much or more than the kids each year just to keep your head above the water. So most any home-schooler can tell you about both the hard... read more.

Proverbs 11:22, It Aint No Secret Victoria

Men, we need more frank conversation about sexual temptation. Ever since our fall into sin men have been faced with the sin of lusting after the female body treating women as chattel and women have been faced with the sin of disrespecting men using their beauty as bait. One evening while dining at the beach I saw a beautiful woman walk across the shore while a man followed her in tow a few feet behind.... read more.

Proverbs 16:1-7 and the Art of Motorcar Repair

I usually have my personal devotions with breakfast. I am an early riser, so my family is still asleep and it is nice quiet time to meet with God and His word while eating my oatmeal, banana, eggs with mustard, and glass of water. On this particular morning I had taken a vacation day, and though healthy food was on my breakfast menu, vacation was NOT the menu for the day. A day of street... read more.

Proverbs 4:23, Can You REALLY Trust Him? Can You REALLY Trust Yourself?

This received in my email recently. My comments below... This is about the saddest advertisement I have ever seen. It is sad enough that this young woman and this young man have given away their intimacy (or taken it away from the other) without the commitment of marital bonds, but now FREMYMIND.COM proposes to restore her security with a simple background check of the man she just slept with. Say what?! I guess when things... read more.

Proverbs 6:27, Playing with Fire

Men, we need more frank conversation about sexual temptation. God’s wonderful design in our attraction to the beauty of the female body has been prostituted like never before in the name of freedom of expression. The amazing gift of human sexuality designed for the intimacy and safety of marriage commitment is prostituted in full view on the bed of United States businesses marketing departments and teen age Brittany Spears wannabes. Billions of dollars are made... read more.

Proverbs 7:10,22, Parable of the Cherry Pie

Men, we need more frank conversation about sexual temptation. I have suggested in previous articles that the heart of immodest dress in women is the disrespectful control of men and the heart of lust in men is the insensitive lack of love for women. Perhaps the extreme example of this in our times is Pamela Anderson, formerly of the popular TV series Baywatch, who has lured millions of men to her website to gaze upon... read more.

Psalm 108, The Help of Man is Worthless

My heart is steadfast, God. I will sing and I will make music with my soul. Wake up, harp and lyre! I will wake up the dawn. I will give thanks to you, Yahweh, among the nations. I will sing praises to you among the peoples. For your loving kindness is great above the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches to the skies. Be exalted, God, above the heavens! Let your glory be over all the earth.... read more.

Psalm 10:16-18, Davids War on Terror

Terrorism is nothing new. Ever since sin has entered the world there have been oppressors and oppressed. Ever since the kingdoms of this earth have become the kingdoms of Satan, fathers and brothers have also beaten and abandoned their children and neighbors terrorized. The ancient Hebrew, King David, knew this as well and wrote Psalm 10 to point us to the only one who can deliver us from terror. 16) Yahweh is King forever and... read more.